Compilemanager for "Clarion for Windows"

  • status "LED" when make
  • start and stop points
  • copy exe and dll to binary directory
  • make txa files
  • find linker errors
  • second compiler run after linker error
  • open/close Clarion
  • execute command-lines
  • play sound after make
  • run with C2,C4 and C5
  • copy appīs and dctīs
  • overrides for each project
  • setup for timing
  • tree or list view
  • load app (better picklist!)
  • reset status colors
  • move apps in tree
  • search apps in list view
  • run EXE in binary directory
  • make clean
  • show processed time
  • free source code!!! (C5EE ABC)

  • CWCM make only 32-bit APPīS !

    Download CWCM Compile Manager 1.6 (new! 08/26/1999) CWCM.ZIP 480 KByte
    Download CWCM source code 1.6 (new! 08/26/1999) CWCM_SCR.ZIP 60 KByte

    Please send your changes on the source with a short comment back to !!

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